Sl No. Name of Faculty members Highest Qualification Designation No. of Years of Experience
1 Dr.A S.Rao M.Tech,Ph.D Professor,HOD 26
2 V.Yaswanth Kumar M.Tech Asst.Professor 3
3 M.RAMMOHAN REDDY B.Tech Asst.Professor 1
4 CH.PRASANNA KUMARI B.Tech Asst.Professor 1
5 T.BHANU PRAKASH B.Tech Asst.Professor 1.6
6 M.AJAY B.Tech Asst.Professor 1
7 P.V. Chaitanya B.Tech Asst.Professor 2.6
8 DRS.DINESH  B.Tech Asst.Professor 1


Dr. A.S Rao published a paper entitled “Fracture Mechanics of Fiber Reinforced Concrete: An Overview”  in International Journal of Engineering Innovations & Research, August, 2014.
Dr. A.S Rao published a paper entitled “Comparison of Mode I and Mode II Fracture Energies of Latex Modified Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete “ in International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering, August, 2014.
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