Dr. A.S. Rao
Cinque Terre
  • 1 .More than 29 years of experience
  • 2. Awarded with “SIKSHA BHARATHI PURASKAR” by AIAF, New Delhi
  • 3. Selected for “Mother Theresa” Excellence Award.
  • 4. Selected for “Glory of India” Award.
  • 5. Obtained Ph.D (Structural Engineering) from JNTU, Hyderabad under the guidance of Dr. Apparao of IIT Madras, Chennai
  • 6. Research publications in National and International Journals
  • 7. Member of IE (I), ICI, ISTE, ISCEE, FIV, NICEE, SEFI
  • 8. TITLES: Chartered Engineer, Approved Valuer
  • 9. State level recognition for the project “Pumping Cradle”
    1. B.E. (Civil Engg) – 1987 ( 82.1%) – Nagarjuna University (Bapatla Engg. College, Bapatla).
    2. M.Tech (Industrial Structures) – 1990 (81.1%) – Karnataka Regional Engg College, Surathkal (Mangalore University).
    3. Ph.D (Structural Engg) – 2008 – JNTU Hyderabad, Under the guidance of Dr. G. Apparao of IIT Madras, Chennai.
  • • (Total: 29y 4m; Teaching = 26y 10m + Industry = 2y 6m)
    • Engineer, CADSYS, Hyderabad – June, 1987 to June, 1988. (1Y 1M)
    • Design Engineer, CADSYS (India) Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad – Apr. 1990 to Aug. 1991. (1Y 5M)
    • Lecturer in Civil Engg., Bapatla Engg. College, Bapatla - Nov. 1991 to May, 1992 and Sep. 1992 to Nov. 1998. (6Y 8M)
    • Asst. Prof., PBR Visvodaya Inst. of Tech. & Sc., Kavali - Dec. 1998 to Aug. 2007. (8Y 9M)
    • Professor, Amara Institute of Engg. & Tech., N.Pet, Sep. 2007 to March 2008. (0Y 7M)
    • Professor & Vice Principal, Ramireddy Subbarami Reddy Engg. College, Kadanuthala, Kavali – April 2008 to October, 2008. (0Y 7M)
    • Principal, Ramireddy Subbarami Reddy Engg. College, Kadanuthala, Kavali – October, 2008 to till date. (10Y)

    • Planning, Analysis & Design of Building Services, IITM, Chennai (2 weeks)
    • Recent Advances in Concrete, NIE, Mysore (2 days)
    • Damage Assessment, Repairs & Rehabilitation of Civil Engg. Structures, Annamalai University, Chidambaram (2 weeks)
    • Information Technology & its Applications in Civil Engg., NIT, Calicut (2 weeks)
    • Earthquake Resistant Structural Design, IITM, Chennai (1 week)
    • Seismic Retrofit of Multistoreyed RC Buildings, IITM, Chennai (1 week)
    • Fracture Mechanics of Concrete : Theory and Applications, IITM, Chennai (1 week)
    • Computer Aided Drafting, ESCI, Hyderabad. (2 weeks)
    • Enhancement of Employability of Fresh Engineers, JNTU, Hyderabad (1day)
    • One day workshop on “Geo-Polymer Concrete” at Indian Concrete Institute, Chennai.

    1. “Fracture Behaviour and toughness of fiber reinforced concrete under mode II loading” – Journal of Structural Engg. (India), Vol.36, No.2, June-July 2009, pp.397-403
    2. “Toughness Indices of steel fiber reinforced concrete under mode II loading” – Materials & Structures (Italy), Vol.42, No.9, Nov-2009, pp.1173-1184
    3. “Toughness Indices of fiber reinforced concrete subjected to mode II loading” - Proceedings of FraMCoS-7, May 23-28, 2010; pp.112-117, Korea Concrete Institute, Seoul, ISBN 978-89-5708-180-8
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    6. “Effect of Basic Function on Plate Bending using Finite Strip Method” – 2nd National Conference on Advances in Materials and Mechanics of Concrete Structures, IITM, Chennai, Aug. 2005.
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    11. “Effect of silica fume and granite powder on fracture of steel fiber reinforced concrete under mode II loading” - International Journal of Civil and Structural Engg., India, Volume 5, No.2, November, 2014, ISSN:0976 – 4399, pp. 308-323.
    12. “Mode II fracture behaviour and toughness indices of latex modified fiber reinforced concrete" - Seventh International RILEM Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Concrete: Design and Applications held at IIT Madras in Chennai during the 17th to 20th of September 2008.
    13. “Development of test method for determination of toughness indices of FRC under mode II loading” – Interquadrennial Conference of the International Congress on Fracture (IQICF), held at IISc Bangalore during 3rd to 7th August, 2008.
    14. “Effect of Nylon Fibers and Rice Husk on Engineering Properties of Soils” – International Journal of Innovative Technologies, Vol.04, Issue.10, August-2016, ISSN:2321-8665, pp.1828-1835.
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    16. “Compressive Strength of Binary and Ternary Concrete made with OPC 53-S” - International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, Vol. 50, Issue 5, 2017, ISSN:2331-5381.
    17. “Microbiological Analysis of Water Purity and Treatment” – National Conference on Environmental Pollution and Awareness, KSRMCE, Kadapa, Aug. 2004.
    18. “GIS to Protect Biodiversity” – State level Conference on Biodiversity and Conservation of Flora and Fauna of A.P., JBDC, Kavali, March 2006.

    Engineering Mechanics
    Structural Analysis III
    Solid Mechanics    
    Design of Conc. Structures
    Fluid Mechanics    
    Design of Steel Structures
    Structural Analysis I   
    IT & Numerical Methods
    Structural Analysis II   
    Construction Management

    • Fellow : Institution of Valuers
    • Life Member : Institution of Engineers (India)
    • Life Member : Indian Concrete Institute
    • Life Member : Indian Society for Technical Education
    • Life Member : Indian Society for Continuing Engg. Education
    • Listed Member : National Information Center of Earthquake Engg.
    • Listed Member : Structural Engineers’ Forum of India

    1. Chartered Engineer.
    2. Approved Valuer.
    3. “Siksha Bharti Puraskar” (2010) by All India Achievers’ Foundation, New Delhi.
    4. Selected for “Mother Theresa Excellence Award” by ICSEP, B’lore.
    5. Selected for “Glory of India Award” by India International Friendship Society, New Delhi.
    6. Selected for “Saraswathi Siksha Rattan Award” (2012) by International Business Council, New Delhi.
    7. Selected for “Bharat Jyothi Award” (2013) by IFS, Delhi.
    8. Selected for “Best Principal Performance Award” (2013) by Global Achievers Foundation, New Delhi.
    9. State level Recognition for guiding the B.Tech project “Pumping Cradle” (2006).
    10. “Best Secretary” – Award by Rotary International (2004).
    11. “Best Performance” Award for conducting number of AIDS Awareness Camps – Rotary International (2004).
    12. A.P. State Level Technical Quiz (1987) – I Prize
    13. All India Students Design Competition (1986) held by IE(I) : Certificate
    • Member, Rotary Club, Kavali.
    • Structural Engineer, Bhagawan Sri Venkaiah Swami Ashram, Golagamudi, Nellore Dt.
    • Organized several Blood donation and AIDS awareness camps.
    • Structural (Civil Engg.) Consultant

    Dr. G. Apparao
    Structural Engg. Laboratory,
    Dept of Civil Engg.,
    I.I.T. Madras,
    Chennai – 600 036
    Phone: 09444047421
          Dr. M. Amarnath Reddy,
    Associate Professor,
    Dept of Civil Engg.,
    I.I.T. Kharagpur,
    Kharagpur – 721 302
    West Bengal.
    Phone: 09434737788
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